Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Classroom Project - Semester II

Working towards Sensitive Living

Traditionally, natural materials like earthenware and bamboo have been used for everyday purpose and over time, have evolved into objects that have optimised the property of the material and provided a unique way of life. Similarly spaces have also been used to create a better experience. For instance, having a courtyard with a tulsi plant in the centre and several houses with a central courtyard which enhance community living.

Drawing on tacit knowledge and common sense, the constraints involved are drawing a line between tradition and superstition and also categorising between the functional and the decorative use of those materials.

This project will suggest ways in which these findings may be incorporated it into the fast-paced urban lifestyle generating a wholesome experience.

Medium: Sketches and Illustrations

Sources: Visits to villages and guidance from Architectural experts.


The Cradle of Democracy and Governance

Gram Panchayats, the local government bodies at the village level in India is the foundation of the Panchayat System - a decentralized form of Government where each village is responsible for its own affairs.

Some of the research would include finding out more about the history of the Panchayat System with reference to Mahatma Gandhi’s advocation of the same and its inclusion in the constitution of independent India.

The local level of self-governance is unique to deserve a closer look. Issues such as Decision-making, Gender, Age, Traditional knowledge, Transparency and the type of cases considered will play an active role.

At the end of the project, depending on the findings, a solution may be devised that could be a product/service or a proposal for a revised system.

Medium: Storytelling through moving images

Sources: Visits to villages and interviews

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