Wednesday, February 6, 2008


My aim would be the study of Indian traditional medicines, how did they evolve during the times and the current scenario.

Whenever we talk about Indian traditional medicines the first thing that comes to our mind is Ayurveda which originated in India and which has inspired the various home remedies which are normally used.

Besides this in Indian culture the food habits are also influenced by the solar and lunar calendar, for e.g. many people don’t eat non-vegetarian food on Saturdays. So this would also be an interesting field to focus on.

So I would be mainly focussing on the Indian traditional medicines including Ayurveda and also on the eating habits related to the solar and lunar calendar. The final goal would be to gather data of the above fields and to present it in the most accessible form.

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andreas said...


this is a very interesting subject - and i guess you can find tons of literature on AYURVEDIC medicine...
i could imagine it would be worth it to digg deeper, trying to understand the fundamental patterns-
we had once at our university an ACUPUNCTURE expert, teaching DESIGN (understanding/methodology) from that perspective!
apparantly the japanese used large steel bars as NEEDLES to apply acupuncture on TERRITORY at times...
territory as body
artifacts as body
concepts as body

could one explain/discuss/develop terms such as
- information
- interface
- interaction
in AYURVEDIC concepts? what would that give?
your mentioning of FOOD/spices makes me wonder if you may want to ask GAUTAM for collaboration ;-)

recommend to make an unconstraint mental map of what all comes to mind at the current stage-

cheers, andreas