Sunday, February 10, 2008

Portraying Bengali culture through its cuisine

     Being from the state where British colonialism lead itself, the state of West Bengal, my birthplace serves as a platter for exquisite cuisine. Unique to its rich & traditional Bengali culture, land of maachh (fish) and bhaat (rice), rasogolla and sondesh imparts flavours that are originally available in this region of the globe. 
Bengali food is a mixture of sweet and spicy flavours. A true Bengali considers his meal incomplete without fish. Brinjals & potatoes fried in batter, too make up a great combination with the main meal. 
     During celebrations in Bengal, food plays a big role as an inspiration towards further celebrations whether its Bengali marriages or the worship of goddess Durga as in the famous Durga Puja or even if there is an intent to spread the flavours across the globe in setting up a food chain. 
Five essential spices such as - mustard, aniseed, fenugreek seed, cumin seed and black cumin seed constitute to make up a perfect mix in bringing out the flavours of the Bengali cuisine.

     As an information design point of view, I would be focussing on the bigger picture that includes these:
           o Bengali cuisine portraying its traditional culture through taste
           o Durga Puja celebrations and cuisine in and around Bengal
           o An insight, for setting up a food chain, globally

With relations to neighbouring regions or states, how Bengali cuisine in terms of its culture plays an effective role, whether in terms of trade practices in the its spices or in preserving the original taste of this region.

Sweet dishes like chutney’s & sweet curd are usually served as everlasting sweeteners to the main meal, as in the form of deserts. 
    One's own sensitive fingers - is the actual way in which an usual Bengali would enjoy to eat his food.
Among the Indians living abroad, several Bengali occasions are also celebrated and here is where a whole new dining experience with setting up a Bengali food chain could arise.
Kolkata, the heart of Bengal serves as the epicentre for delicious and authentic Bengali food. We would also have some sight into how the city has made a name for itself with the cuisine of this state, on a global perspective.

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