Wednesday, February 6, 2008

A relook at the Hindi Lunar Calendar

Present Hindu calendar or Hindi calendar is based on the movement of moon. It is a lunisolar calendar that means its months are lunar but the whole year in the calendar is made equal to one solar year that is why sometimes days are manipulated in it. All the festivals in the Hindu religion fall on a fixed tithi, days in lunar calendar are referred to as a tithi, a tithi is the period between the moon rise and moon set. But as a tithi is different from a day in solar calendar so every festival fall on different date in Gregorian calendar(Solar calendar). Also different phases of the moon are connected to holy/unholy period, and anyone looking at the moon can recognize its phase easily, but don’t know which period is going on.

The main objective is to make the entire system easier for a person to understand with no prior knowledge of the hindu calendar, involving the study and analyze the entire hindu calendar, how dates/tithis in the calendar are calculated and how corresponding days of Georgian calendar are found and identify all the festivals with their respective tithis in lunar calendar and what different phases of the moon means. And will then structure all this gathered information in a proper way so that it is easier to understand and design graphics to visualize this information easier understanding of the hindu calendar.


adithya ananth said...

Sanket ,

You might want to contact Pallavi Majerakar , alumni - Graphic Design.

Her diploma project was on similar lines as your brief indicates.

All the best

Sugarbabe_ab said...

also, I yhink one of the super seniors did somethin of the might want to relook the convo tiles near the admin office

andreas said...


calendars are always a great subject- and as such also a subject i never tackled myself in a satisfying way.
they are an interesting subject as they are in most cases a sceleton for our daily/nightly activities to the point that they impose certatin standards which (do) interfere with our innate possibilities/abilities/desires.
how to reveal these relationships/patterns and how to make them USABLE?
i'd recommend you to expand your scope from mere documentation to include also proposals for USABLE INTERFACES which support INTERACTIONS in various contexts... bulding a calendar framework....

cheers & let me know your progress! andreas